by Wayne Markell

A West Island contractor with over 1000 completed bathroom job references - recommended by suppliers and your neighbors

Since 1986

Eliminate day 1

  • Dust extractor fans installed
  • Drop cloths cover your floors
  • Toilets, sink, bathtub, faucets, mirrors, lighting, etc are removed & water pipes are capped
  • Old, moldy gyproc, cement & tiles are removed & hauled away
  • Electrician installs new wiring, electrical boxes, exterior fan, lighting & plugs to your specifications
  • Vacuuming & clean up
  • Wayne inspects all merchandise & brings in construction materials
  • All this in a manner that assures your continuing comfort & use of your home

Resurrection day 2

  • Install T & G plywood floor
  • A drywall ceiling is put up
  • We install insulation & a vapor barrier to eliminate moisture, rot & bacteria
  • Installation of plumbing for bathtub, sink,shower & toilet
  • A concrete base is prepared to receive & hold your bathtub
  • The bathtub is installed level
  • Waterproof drywall is installed around bathtub & shower enclosures
  • Durabond & drywall taping is applied to walls & ceiling
  • Clean up & vacuuming

Metamorphosis day 3

  • Ceiling fan is vented to exterior
  • Durabond is scraped smooth
  • Plaster is smoothly applied over the durabond surfaces
  • To guarantee straight & even lines, we analyze the layout of your ceramic tiles
  • Waterproof wall glue is applied & your redecoration begins
  • Ceramic tiles are started level around the bathtub & flow to the balance of the room
  • Epoxy cement is spread on the floor & the ceramic tiles are laid to match the wall tile layout
  • Marble door sills are installed

Jubilation day 4

  • The walls & ceiling are sanded
  • Ceramic wall & floor tiles are thoroughly cleaned
  • Mildew-resistant grout is applied to joints in matching colors
  • The vanity unit, sink, faucets & mirrors are installed
  • The toilet is installed
  • Towel bars, toilet paper, soap & toothbrush holders & other accessories are mounted
  • A colored silicone is applied around the bathtub enclosure
  • Tools & equipment are packed
  • Your new bathroom awaits you

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